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Maximum Power Reading

with Howard Berg, The World's Fastest Reader

Read, Learn and Recall 100% Faster In Just Four Hours. Guaranteed!

Did You Know That Vital Information Doubles Every Six Months?

In this class you will learn how to double your reading rate to stay on top of the information your success depends upon.

This complete program takes just four hours to complete, and you will learn:

*how to reader faster and double your reading speed

*maximize comprehension

*develop a laser sharp memory

*adjust your skill for the different types of reading

*how to precisely target what to learn for exams and meetings

Using brain-based learning strategies you will be able to master any subject in a fraction of the time with outstanding results.

Your class is available to you at any time, on any device!

What would you do once you can read faster with better comprehension?

Learn a new language?

Take courses to get the degree you want?

Boost your chances of the promotion at work?

Start your own business?


You or your student finishing their required reading list in just a few nights instead of pouring over the books and articles week after week.


You or your student completing their next research project well ahead of a deadline because they were able to quickly and easily absorb all the background information.

And imagine...

You or your student cutting your study time in half and raising your grades, leaving more time to enjoy life.

You Can Have All This...

You or your student can achieve these amazing skills in a single entertaining session with human potential master, Howard Berg, The World's Fastest Reader.

Maximum Power Reading Is The Solution You’ve Been Dreaming About…

Audience for this course

Parents, Teachers, Students, Professionals and anyone who wants to read and learn faster

Length Of Course

Four Hours

Materials You Will Need

  1. A non-fiction book that is easy for you to read and comprehend
  2. Download and print out your activity book

What Others Have To Say About Maximum Power Reading

“Using Mr. Berg’s program I graduated the University of Texas at Arlington at age 16 with a major in Economics, and a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average. I graduated Oklahoma University at 19 with a Master Degree in Math with a 3.97 GPA.

- Stephen T

"Howard Berg’s program enabled me to pass the Bar exam in California at 19 years of age"

-Micah Stanley

"Using Howard’s reading program, I was able to complete for four year degree in six months by attending Thomas Edison’s online college. I then became a missionary.!"

- B Voeller

"You have created an incredible speed reading program and I congratulate you on your success and the success of your students."

- W. Berry Fowler, Founder of Sylvan Learning Systems

"Howard Berg’s Maximum Power Reading Course is all about content with value, and is loaded with all kinds of learning, study, and exam-writing hacks.

He even shows you how to get a degree in a fraction of the time it normally would.
Oh, and he shows you how to at least double your reading speed – something you can easily accomplish!
If you’re a student, this course can make your academic life a whole lot easier, more productive and successful, and thus an enjoyable experience.
And, with this program, anyone can learn to become a faster reader with better comprehension and retention.

Thank you to Howard Berg!"

- Walter Reducka, Completed Maximum Power Reading Course August 2017

Your Instructor

Howard Berg,World
Howard Berg,World's Fastest Reader

Howard Stephen Berg is the considered the fastest reader in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

He has been teaching others have to read and learn faster for over 30 years.

A graduate of SUNY at Binghamton, Howard majored in Biology and simultaneously completed the four year Psychology degree in a single year.

Howard taught in New York Cities inner city schools for 10 years, and co-founded an online junior and senior high school whose students graduated with 20-45 college credits on average. Many of his students completed college courses while still eleven years old.

Nightingale-Conant sold over $65 million of his programs.

Howard’s learning breakthrough has been featured on over 1,100 radio and television programs. Perhaps you saw him with Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning as SONY’s E-Reader spokesperson, or on Cavuto, reading the 1,500 page health care bill in just 50 minutes.

A double blind study proved that an average person, taking Howard’s Maximum Power Reading program, could double their reading speed in just a few hours time with excellent comprehension.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to study to get results?
Most people double in just a four hour’s time with excellent comprehension. We recommend practicing for 16 minutes a day for four to six weeks to get the best results.
How long will I have access?
You will have lifetime access to your program.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want you to be happy. We have a 30-day total-satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied just call us at 707 837 8180 or email us at and we will be happy to refund your course fee.

Special Note From Howard Berg

Did you know that 50% of four-year college students drop out? Did you know that 70% of two-year college students drop out? Did you know that the average college graduate now takes six years to complete their studies?

My program will prepare your student to complete their studies on time now, and for learning new skills throughout life to stay on top of the information they need to succeed in today’s knowledge-driven economy.

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