(The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Inc.) is a transformational company for every learner.

Online since 1996, (two years before Google ), our mission and purpose is to:

  • empower you with strategies so you know how to learn anything for a lifetime of learning success and know how to learn in any situation whether it be home, school, or work.
  • transform your life by helping solve any learning challenges and remove learning roadblocks which you feel may be in your way.

We do this by first giving you the most important Meta Skill of all - "How to Learn".

This is the skill that allows you to access to and successful predicts success in every other skill you want to learn.

Inside the Total Recall Learning: How to Learn 100% Faster Course we empower you to blitz through all your learning, double your reading reading speed without weeks of drills and exercises, and give you world champion memory strategies.

Founded by Pat Wyman, university instructor, learning expert, brain coach and author, there are courses for people of all ages in the How to Learn Academy.

Email us at fasterlearning (at) and we are happy to answer any questions.

You may also apply for the Brain Advantage 2.0 Learning or Career Assessment which measures the 27 skills required for success in the workplace or in school.

Welcome and we encourage you to take the FREE Learning Styles Quiz at to discover how you prefer to learn best so you can personalize all your learning!

With love and learning success,

Pat Wyman

CEO, and