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How to Learn Anything 100% Faster!

Make Learning Your Super-Skill

Read, Learn and Remember Everything Faster in Just 10 Days.

Join Pat Wyman, CEO of and America's Most Trusted Learning Expert, on a 10 Day Journey to Total Recall Learning

Have you ever wanted to learn new information and wished you could do it faster, with a better memory?

What about wanting to get more done and be able to read and remember things in half the time?

Total Recall Learning is your course if you're looking to boost your career or even improve your grades in school. You'll be able to reduce your learning time (by as much as half), double your reading speed and use world champion memory skills.

As you complete this 10 day course, you'll put your productivity into overdrive and quickly learn 'how to learn' anything in a fraction of the time.

Total Recall Learning gives you a system of strategies that has already helped over half a million people for over 30 years.

Learning is not a Mysterious Skill Set Reserved for "Smart" People

Faster, more effective learning is not something that schools normally teach. They do tell you what to learn but not 'how to learn' it so this sets the stage for some people to feel they are "smart" and others to feel less confident in their abilities.

All that is needed to fill that gap is a proven system for how to effectively master any new learning and acquire new skills successfully.

What you'll understand as you take this course is that learning is never about being "smart." It's only about applying brain researched and proven strategies to any new learning.

Once you have these strategies, better, higher paying jobs are more easily accessible. If you want to become an entrepreneur or change careers on a dime, you're positioned to achieve your dreams more easily and effectively.

Knowing 'how to learn' is the single skill set that impacts the foundation of your entire life, so now is the perfect time to take this course.

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world and people are changing jobs rapidly. New jobs that we've never heard of are opening up. This is the course that will prepare you and help future proof your career choices.

Who is This Course For?

Whether you are a working professional, student, entrepreneur or anyone looking to develop your brain's full potential, you'll experience life-changing transformations in this course because you can learn whatever you'd like in any environment - and have the knowledge ahead of time that you'll be successsful.

Total Recall Learning for Students

What's Inside the Course

1. Fast-track your learning skills in just 10 days! Master any subject in far less time and understand why learning has nothing to do with being "smart". It's all about strategy and how your brain processes information. Nix any limiting beliefs you ever had about your learning, reading or memory abilities.

2. How to read 2 to 4 times faster without traditional drills and weeks of exercises. Use the proven, hi-tech reading system. Stop re-reading and discover the brain science that boosts your memory and comprehension the first time you use this extraordinary system.

3. How to gain the competitive edge you need in your industry or in school. Knowing 'how to learn' is the master skill that speeds up all aspects of your learning and memory. Save hours of time!

4. Boost reading skills even further with this additional and long-proven speed reading method.

5. How to Learn Another Language. Use these 3 simple tips to acquire another language quickly.

6. How to gain on-demand motivation and focus with these 3 brain proven strategies.

7. Quickly grasp any new concept and quickly recall new training videos, conversations with colleagues and informational reports.

8. Become a memory machine with this 2,000 year old memory system. Follow it up with 3 more powerful memory techniques.

9. Nix exam or test-taking jitters and discover how to instantly recall what you studied. Boost your grades and exam scores.

10. Identify and leverage your learning strengths so that you become a successful learner on the very first day of the course.

11. Learn how to remember names and numbers. Use this powerful master strategy from a Guinness world-record holder

12. Accelerate your learning and recall with this unique note-taking method. Toss out old school yellow highlighters that aren't research backed.

13. Give a presentation without using notes. Plus, learn how to write an essay or persuasive report in half the time.

14. Become the very best version of yourself and improve your confidence in all your learning, reading and memory abilities.

15. Learn which type music makes learning a breeze! Instantly get your brain into the best "state" for learning and super recall.

16. How to use cross-modal learning to pass your exams with ease.

17. Discover your brain preferences to maximize your learning as well as your team's. Structure your work or school environment inventory increase your mental performance in everything.

Plus much, much more...

How Many Days in This Course?

This is a 10 day course.

Plus, you'll receive 3 bonus days with more added frequently.

What Other Total Recall Learners Have to Say:

Being in the tech world, and part of a global technology company, my job requires me to learn new and complex information rapidly. Then I teach that information to team members so they can share it effectively with our customers.

I've taken other courses to boost my abilities and enhance my job performance, but did not experience the increases I wanted.

Then, I discovered Total Recall Learning and it was customized, providing exactly what I needed.

Pat has a unique skill set because she is a learning and reading expert, as well as a university instructor with a strong understanding of neuroscience and how the brain learns. Her skill set is precisely what made all the difference for me.

The information in this course helped me uncover a hidden roadblock that was stalling my full learning potential. Getting past that block gave me the edge I always wanted.

The result: I was offered a significant promotion to head up an entire team in a new division.

Thank you Pat for your caring and compassion, as well as your exceptional learning expertise. You got me the results I wanted more quickly than I ever imagined!

--Chris Sanichar, Canada

Even though I thought I knew what I'd studied and was prepared, I was having trouble with recall during my exams.

I knew if I could not pass the exams with higher scores, I would not obtain my license to become a First Assistant Surgical Technician.

The information and insights in this course helped me not only pass my exams but achieve my dream career. I now work side by side with the surgeons in the operating room!

Thank you is not enough for helping me live my purpose and help new patients every day.

--Jai Simpson, AK

As a master copywriter, I am always seeking new ways to improve my service to my clients. One of the best ways I can do that is to speed up my own learning, memory and reading skills.

Inside this course, I learned strategies I never heard of before. The hi-tech speed reading technique alonehelped me triple my reading speed without weeks of the endless drills I found in other courses.

This means I can complete projects faster and serve more clients, resulting in higher income.

You can apply this things you learn in this course instantly and I'm happy to say they will make a noticeable difference in your ability to learn, read and retain new information.

--Russell Martino,

Finding this course made a real difference in many areas of my life.

I recently completed a course of study and was on-track hopefully, to be accepted into a Ph.D. program.

But, as circumstances changed in the world, I found myself living at home again, working full time, and updating my resume to pursue the Ph.D. program I want.

What I discovered while working at home is two things: One - I needed ways to establish a good balance between home and work, and the other, is that I had the extra time to maximize my learning and reading skills so I'd be even more prepared when I finally become a full time student again.

This course helped me with both.

Besides learning new ways to quickly and positively motivate myself, I was able to get more done in less time as I worked.

The biggest gem of all in this course for me is the hi-tech reading strategy.

I am already a good reader, but discovered that using this speed reading strategy massively upgraded my skills.

What this means for me is that once I'm a full time student again, I have new learning and reading strategies that will positively contribute to my studies and help me achieve my goals more easily.

I'm so grateful to Pat for teaching this course and if you're a student, I can promise you'll get everything you're looking for and more...

--Nafisa Shamin, Bangladesh

Pat is an extraordinary thought leader in her field and we share her strategies with educators world-wide to help them personalize and improve student learning.

We were so inspired by one of Pat's books that our global head of education included a chapter in it. Thank you Pat for the important and very effective work you do training people globally with the most essential skill of all - 'how to learn'.

--J. Baptist, Microsoft

Total Recall Learning for Students

Your Instructor

Pat Wyman
Pat Wyman

Hello! My name is Pat Wyman and I'll be your trainer. I'll be here for you every step of the way.

For over 30 years, I've been a learning expert, university instructor, corporate trainer and teacher who has taught every grade. I've spent a lifetime helping people improve their lives with faster learning and increase their confidence in their abilities. I want to do the same for you!

As the CEO of I continue to work every day to bring you and others the kind of information about their brains and learning 'how to learn' that transforms their lives.

Over half a million people have benefited from the proven system in my Total Recall Learning™ course.

You will be able to use the information here to learn "how to learn" anything faster, double your reading speed, remember everything at a moment's notice and gain total confidence in your abilities.

I was inspired to help people learn because my high school geometry teacher held up my failing grade in front of the whole class and told me I was stupid and never get math. I vowed that day to make it my mission to ensure no one I worked with would ever have to experience that kind of pain again.

As as teacher, my passion is making sure every learner knows that learning has nothing to do with being “smart” and everything to do with easy-to-implement learning strategies and a proven system for understanding ‘how to learn anything faster’.

As a learning expert, brain coach, university instructor and reading specialist, my students benefit from decades of experience and a unique skill set that shows them how to unleash their mental powers, boost productivity, focus, and use the information to get all the career and school benefits they deserve!

As soon as you begin this course, you will notice the transformation within the first days we work together.

With love and learning success!

Course Curriculum

  Preparation Day - Materials to Download & Complete Each Video Before Moving to the Next
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Day 3
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Partial Scholarships Available for Course
We know that things may be tight financially during Covid. We are grateful that a corporate donor has agreed to a limited number of partial scholarships to reduce the pricing further. Contact us for a coupon code to reduce the cost of the course by emailing us at fasterlearning(at)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all devices you own. We do recommend taking this course on a laptop or computer because the larger screen helps students stay more engaged. Right after you enroll you'll receive an email about how to access the course (be sure to find that email in your regular email or sometimes it may go into your filtered email so look there too, and whitelist that email address). If you have questions, email us at [email protected] to access our Customer Happiness Team.
Does this course have a money-back guarantee?
We want you to be happy! All our programs are risk-free and if you are unsatisfied with the results, contact us within 30 days of purchase at [email protected] and you're entitled to a refund. You may also contact us through our contact us button at the bottom of
Does this course tutor individual subjects, such as math or history?
This course provides the MASTER KEY that unlocks the ability to learn any subject in much less time. It empowers you with the brain-researched strategies in 'how to learn' any new material. It will not specifically tutor in subject like Math, History or English, but what it does is give you the skills to learn any subject with precise instructions on how to master new learning. You will be able to know 'how to learn' any time, in any environment - whether at home, school or work.
How many videos are in this course?
Currently, there are over 25 videos and we are always adding more to the bonus sections. We want you to stay up-to-date on new resources and brain-based learning methods.
How long does this course last?
The course is designed to last about 10 days and your child can go at their own pace. They must watch each video in the order they occur because previous sections build the foundation for the next sections.
Can I Download The Videos?
All programs are delivered digitallly and are available through the members-only portal on and the 'how to access' email you received right after you purchased the course. (Be sure to whitelist the return email address on that email) and you can find it in your regular email or perhaps it went into your filtered email. You can view the course immediately on your laptop, mobile device or desktop at any time, and the videos are not downloadable. However, all the PDF's and other materials that are placed in the folders are downloadable.
How do I contact Pat Wyman to apply for private coaching (Learning 2.0 Brain Advantage) or a 27 point Assessment on the most essential learning skills?
Email Pat Wyman at fasterlearning(at) and arrange a free, private 15 minute consultation and application.
When does the course start and end?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

Total Recall Learning for Students

Thank you for reviewing the course and I am here should you have any questions, or want to apply for private or group coaching for your company, school or corporation or take the Learning 2.0 Brain Advantage Assessment, email me at fasterlearning (at)