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How to Win the School Game is the 8 week Master Class, recorded with live students, showing your child 'how to learn' and the specific strategies and secrets that A+ students already use naturally.

Go from feeling baffled to being brilliant in just 8 short weeks so that you see the report card you want!

You can use this exact recipe to improve your grades and test scores.

Who This Course is For: This course is for parents and teachers with students in grades 3-college.

Length of Course: This course is approximately 8 hours long, with the one hour videos delivered once per week.

These are the 'how to learn' strategies that schools don't teach but you always wish they would.

While other programs can show your child or student 'what to learn' my personal guidance in this program is comprehensive and unlike anything else, online or off.

It shows your child "HOW TO LEARN" in every subject area so they can succeed in all their subjects - and not just for this school year, but for every year to come.

In school, kids are told what to learn, but never how to learn it.

When kids don't succeed, teachers and parents tend to blame them, but no one ever taught them the rules of how to learn and how to succeed in school.

It's kind of like a child trying out for the school sports team and instead of actually playing the game, the coach gives them a written test to see if they make the team.

That's what is really happening in school - there is a mis-match between how your child learns and how the child is tested - when that mis-match is there, your child gets poor grades.

But when it is fixed, and they the rules of the game finally, their achievement skyrockets!

This is what what makes this course so unique - each step of the way, I show your child 'how to learn' and empower them for a lifetime, not just for this one school year.

Inside you will find brain-friendly and personalized learning strategies to raise your child's grades to A's and B's.

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This How to Win the School Game coaching program allows your child or student to understand how they learn best, so that you and they know which strategies best match the school's written testing style.

The program gives your child the learning edge you've been looking for to get higher grades and test scores.

Your child will have a clear advantage in school after using the strategies in this course.

In just 8 short weeks, imagine how you and your child will feel when you see a whole new report card - one that you both can be proud of.

You be the judge - while other programs can tell your child what to learn, I have a skill-set that others don't have and can show your child "how to learn" and not just what to learn.

What will I Learn?

✅ Why Your Learning Style is Like Finding Hidden Gold
✅ How to Solve the Learning Testing Mis-match Between How You Learn and How You Are Tested
✅ Why Learning is NOT About Being Smart and Why It's All About Strategies
✅ The Learning Strategy You Can Use to Ace All Your Tests
✅ The Recipe of Spelling Bee Champions that You Can Duplicate
✅ How to Become a Word Wizard and Quickly Master All Your Vocabulary
✅ The Study Skills Made Easy Strategies to Cut Your Study Time in Half!
✅ A Simple Way to Read Your Books in Half the Time
✅ How to Remove Any Learning Roadblocks in Your Way
✅ Which Brain-Friendly Foods Work the Fastest to Keep Your Brain Alert
✅ How to Get Yourself Motivated Even When You Don't Feel Like It
Why "How to Learn" is the Real Key to Your Success So You Can Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Here are What Students Are Say about How to Win the School Game!

"Dear Pat,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your sweet card and very thoughtful photo and tassel frame after you received my graduation invitation.

You are definitely the miracle behind my success and I really want to thank you for helping me and believing in me from the very beginning...With your help, I was able to clear out my learning roadblocks and get the Ph.D. I always wanted."

- Katie Langley, Ph.D.

"Thank you Pat for sharing your knowledge!

I was very frustrated that it took taken 8 years to identify the real cause of my daughter's reading and learning problems and it is because of your help that we were finally able to help her become very successful in school.

I am going to do everything in my power to ensure this information reaches as many children as possible who need the kind of assessment and strategies you provide.

My daughter showed signs of learning challenges since she was six years old, and not a single test or evaluation by any professional helped us find the answers we needed. Finally, after speaking with you, I was able to follow the plan you recommended in How to Win The School Game. I am so happy we finally know what the real cause of her problem is and how to solve it.

My daughter was relieved by the knowledge her learning roadblocks were not related to her mental ability. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to the education of all children!"

- Cecelia White, Parent, Baltimore, MD

"Pat Wyman's How To Win the School Game coaching program is the missing link to helping students reach their highest learning potential.

Being a pediatric occupational therapist, I have used other programs before, but we did not see results for months.

Pat's program IMMEDIATELY helped my daughter develop strategies to remember math facts, stay organized and manage her time better. I am truly grateful for Pat's warmth, motivating teaching style and highly effective strategies.

If you want your child to truly succeed, then Pat Wyman's coaching program is for you."

- Debbie Milam, Parent and UPI Syndicated Columnist, Florida

"I believe in setting your child up for success. I know Pat, and I trust her.

Not only has Pat helped my own children, she has helped thousands of others through our work on These classes will make learning and getting good grades so much easier for your child. The strategies will help your child now, in high school, and in college."

- Rebecca Kochenderfer, Author, The Joy Journal and co-founder of

"It is because of Pat's insight, caring and real results, that my son Brandon will no longer have to struggle like he has since the second grade.

From the minute I met Pat, she immediately knew what to do to help my son, and we did it. Brandon was successful the first week and all the years thereafter! After taking this course, an implementing the strategies, it was the first time he actually experienced success. His self-esteem skyrocketed.,

If your child struggles in any way in school, I know these classes will result in the changes you want -- quickly.

Thank you Pat. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't met you when we did."

- Maria Lua, Parent, Santa Rosa, CA

Your Instructor

Pat Wyman, M.A.
Pat Wyman, M.A.

Dear Parent,

Have you ever thought about what you’d do and how your life would look, if only your child could get excellent grades in school right now? How would your child feel with excellent grades?

Let me ask you a few questions and if you answer yes, then you know you’re in the right place.

Is your child, over the age of 12, underperforming in school, getting poor grades, lacking confidence in their ability to learn, read, remember and test well?

Are you feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, not knowing the best way to help your child improve their grades, in the right way, so that you know they are prepared to reach their potential and have a successful life - no matter what the circumstances?

Do you know your child is bright but they just can’t seem to show it in school? Does it seem like you're going through nightly homework hassles? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything before but nothing has worked and your heart is simply breaking over it? Allow me to share a secret with you...

Here's The Biggest Secret Every Parent Needs to Know About Learning

What I’ve discovered, devoting my life to helping students succeed, is that schools tell your child what to learn but they don't show them 'how to learn' it.

And if your child is like the millions of others who don’t enjoy school, and don't know 'how to learn', then sadly they are punished with bad grades, really low self-esteem, exclusion from the activities they love, and much worse. And it's all so unnecessary.

Not having the skills to know 'how to learn' and succeed in any any subject, whether it's 7th grade math, or the college or graduate school entrance exams, wreaks havoc in your life and in theirs. It causes you and your child heartache and pain every single day.

So, my promise to you is that there is a proven system to remove this pain and transform your child into a confident, successful student, who is prepared to learn and test well in any set of circumstances.


My name is Pat Wyman. I’m the CEO and founder of and we’ve been online two years even before google.

Over 500,00 students have benefitted from my 3 bundle course, called Total Recall Learning. Students raised their grades, test scores, and their confidence in themselves. What's more, thousands of teachers, all over the world, continue to take my course to empower their students with all the tools they need to succeed in school.

Your child will reap the rewards of my 30+ years of devotion, compassion and dedication to their success. I'm a noted, internationally known learning expert, award-winning best-selling author, University Instructor and Reading Specialist who gets results for your child. I've even taught medical students how to get higher scores on their medical board exams.

You may have seen my work in publications like the Washington Post, global webinars with companies like Microsoft, on the cover of Nick Jr. Family Magazine, or during hundreds of radio and t.v. shows.

My own children used the strategies in this course as well: my daughter fulfilled her life-long dream of becoming a doctor who helps save the lives of tiny, sick infants, and my son used this course all the way through college and grad school to help children in the Child and Protective Services Program and to become a screen writer.

Total Recall Learning is based on cutting-edge brain research, teaching your child how learning occurs and why learning is not about being smart.

It contains 3 unique courses that show your child how to learn, study in the most effective way, focus; how to have an extraordinary memory and how to double their reading speed.

You can expect to see transformations in your child the first three days we work together.

I designed it to give your child the extraordinary learning advantage they need and deserve in school and in life!

Total Recall Learning opens up a whole new world for your child. They prove to themselves that every single strategy works and it builds their confidence from the minute they begin. Your child receives all the learning, world memory champion, and faster reading strategies they need to reach their potential, and become the highest expression of themselves.

The results: Your child's confidence soars as they use their newfound skills.

They master learning strategies that apply to all subjects, whether it's reading, math, physics or learning another language.

They will learn how to remember anything and everything, how to motivate themselves on-demand, and focus in a new, more powerful ways that makes the most of, and respects their precious time.

Your child learns the best way to stay organized, take notes that go into their long-term memory, how to study the way their brain learns, and how to double their reading speed, using two proven methods based on long-proven brain research.

Expect to see lots positive changes in your child throughout this course - and most of all, you'll both be smiling and jumping for joy when they bring home the report card they dreamed about.

If you decide to give your child the gift of Total Recall Learning you will be helping your child succeed in life, in ways you can't even imagine.

You'll help them secure results now as well as a better future because you gave them the most essential skill of their lifetime - 'how to learn'. They will be prepared for any new learning in any set of circumstances as they graduate and move into the 21st century workplace.

When your child knows 'how to learn' it helps them to get ahead faster, re-skill or upskill to take on new responsibilities, get a better paycheck at work, and learn whatever they need to, should they decide to change careers.

My mission in this Total Recall Learning Program: To completely empower your child with everything they need for higher grades now and a lifetime of learning success because they know how to learn anything fast!


P.S. When your child enrolls in this course, we donate a free course to a child in need.

Course Curriculum

  How to Win the School Game - Introduction ( Week 1 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 2 ( Week 2 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 3 ( Week 3 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 4 ( Week 4 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 5 ( Week 5 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 6 ( Week 6 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 7 ( Week 7 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Win the School Game - Coaching Session 8 ( Week 8 )
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends after 8 weeks ( One lecture each week )! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want you to be happy. We have a 30-day total-satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied just contact us at raisingsmarterchildren (at) and we will be happy to refund your course fee.

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