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When I was in the 8th grade, I wanted so badly to be admitted to my first choice high school. But even though I’d had tutors for a while, nothing seemed to change for me until I took this course. I finally understood more about learning in a week, than I had in 8 years of school. In less than 3 months, I was able to raise my grades to be accepted to the high school I wanted. This is the kind of course that every student should take because it guides them easily through the learning process and whenever I need to learn anything now, I simply use the blueprint I received from Pat and it makes learning easy!
High School Student
G.T., Student
When my daughter was younger, she had some learning differences and one of the people who believed most in her was Pat Wyman. Because of the strategies inside this course, my daughter was able to use them throughout her school career, and achieve her dream of becoming a psychologist. Our whole family is so grateful. If you want your child or student to succeed in school and thrive, while becoming a life-long learner, this is the course for you!
A. Langley, Ph.D. Parent
More than anything, I wanted two things: The first was help for my daughter, who was 13 and really struggling in school. The second was for myself. I wanted to become a First Assistant Surgical Technician but I continued to have problems in one of my courses. I’d failed a critical exam and my Professor told me that if I did not pass the next one, I would not receive my diploma. The information on memory, vocabulary and test-taking allowed me to achieve my dream. I now work as a First Assistant Surgical Tech, in the operating room right alongside the surgeons, because of what I learned in this course. Plus, my daughter raised all her grades too and is sailing through school, with the kind of confidence I always hoped she'd have. God Bless You Pat!
J. Simpson, First Asst. Surgical Techician, Alaska AK


Pat Wyman

Hi! My name is Pat Wyman and I use brain-based strategies to help people learn, read and remember everything faster.

For over three decades I’ve coached and trained over half a million students, teachers, parents, business leaders and celebrities to become exceptional people who know ‘how to learn’ so they can improve all aspects of their lives.

Because a high school geometry teacher once told me I was “stupid’ and would never understand math while holding up my failing grade in front of the whole class, I made it my mission to ensure no one would ever have to experience that kind of pain again.

So my passion is making sure you know that learning has nothing to do with being “smart” and everything to do with easy-to-implement learning strategies and a proven system for understanding ‘how to learn anything faster’.

I dedicated my life to helping people know ‘how to learn anything’ so they will feel completely confident whenever they choose to learn any new material.

I will help you, your loved ones, students, or company unleash your mental powers to boost your self-confidence, power and productivity in your personal and professional life.

As the founder and CEO of, which has been online since 1996, (even two years before Google), I bring a rare and unique skill set, with systems, tools and techniques to help you live the life you want and truly deserve. Besides putting the first Learning Styles Inventory online, I created the internet’s first educational e-book and learning strategies newsletter.

I’ve taught every grade in school, including college, graduate school and even medical school. I’ve worked with corporations such as Microsoft to unite educators throughout the world so they could empower students with my faster learning system and tools.

As a university instructor, learning expert, and reading specialist with numerous degrees, plus a strong background in neuroscience, I have received multiple lifetime achievement awards in learning and literacy, including the James Patterson Page Turner Award for my work to enhance global literacy.

As I work with you, I’ll be there every step of the way to support and encourage you.

You’ll begin noticing the transformation within the first days we work together.

You’ll be empowered with the cutting edge skills in Total Recall Learning, Reading and Memory.

You deserve to have the leading edge in brain proven strategies so you can achieve excellent learning results! With these techniques you’ll find that you have a whole lot more free time to spend living the life you choose!

What "How to Learn Anything Faster" Will Do for Your Student

  • Would you like to have Total Recall Learning, Total Recall Memory and Total Recall Reading for your student? This course is proven for over 30 years, and is designed to transform your student's life and make it better in every area!

One of the greatest gifts it gives your child is to boost their self-confidence both in school and in life. Total Recall Learning in the How to Learn Anything Faster Course does just that!


What Students Learn Inside the Course

* How to double their reading speed with the Total Recall Reading Method which improves speed, develops excellent comprehension and memory

* The secret techniques that world memory champions use and how to apply them to every subject

* The study skills that A+ students use that actually help them reduce their study time

* The proven skills to master any written test (plus nix any test-taking jitters

* How to Develop an ivy league vocabulary students will use in their writing, speaking and to prepare for college entrance exams

* How to give an oral presentation without using notes

and much much more...

All of this helps students become more productive and be able to learn more quickly and effectively. A tall order I know, but the results from my 30 plus years, working with over half a million learners, back this up.

'HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING FASTER' gives every learner a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in this knowlege-based economy. It EMPOWERS them so they THRIVE in an ever-changing, school environment and 21st century job market.

When your child knows how to learn, they are making themselves "recession proof" so they can learn anything new very quickly and effectively, in any learning situation.

With this knowledge, they will be prepared, because the World Economic Forum (in their Future of Jobs Report 2018) says by 2022, over 55% of workers will be asked to reskill and up-skill, just to keep up with changing technologies.

I Will Equip Your Student with the Skill That Matters Most in School and the Workplace and That is 'HOW TO LEARN'

This skill is like the magic genie who promises you three wishesyou always take the one that opens every other door and that’s what knowing how to learn does.

Most people are not where they want to be right now, and I want to change that for your child so that they achieve their full potential and achieve their goals.

Every student needs someone in their corner who believes in the best of them and what they are capable of. My life’s mission has been to be that person for them and show them how to lead an exceptional life!

It’s true you may have tried tutors and many other programs before – nearly everyone has.

But the difference is that this course delivers on my money-back promise to personalize your child’s learning and bring up their learning skills to a whole new level.

Once students complete the course, they will receive the HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING FASTER SUCCESS ROADMAP so they can have it on hand, and follow the step-by-step learning success formula when learning something new.

My goal for your child or student is that they know, before they even begin any new learning, that they will be successful.

Learning is always easy when you know the same strategies as the world's learning, reading and memory champions!

I’ll show your child those same strategies so they will be more than ready to learn anything easily.

With love and life-long learning success,

Who is this Course For?

This course is for learners 12 and up who want higher grades, better test scores and a prove, brain-based, faster learning program so that they have a significant learning advantage now and for life.

It is for learners who want to take their learning to a much higher level, and know how to learn anything faster.

More importantly, it's for learners who want a roadmap to faster learning so they can be sure they will be successful in advance!

Note to Parents and Teachers: If you want your student to achieve their full potential in school and develop a strong self-confidence in their learning, you’re in the right place.

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • Is your child or student feeling stressed, and you’ve tried to help but don’t know precisely how to turn things around for them and restore peace to both them and your family?
  • Are you struggling to stay positive when your student keeps having a hard time even though you know they are trying their best…
  • Is your child or student’s self-image plummeting because they are not getting the grades and results they want in school?
  • Are you feeling bewildered because your child seems to know information before the test, but then somehow forgets it during the test?
  • Do you notice that your child is spending extra time reading, because they have to re-read information more than once to have a better understanding?
  • Does your child seem disorganized and unfocused and nothing else you’ve tried is working?
  • Are there days when you’re simply exhausted from all the struggle?

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?

You and Your Child or Student are Exactly Who I Created This Proven Course For!

Keep reading you’re in the right spot.

Over the past 30 years, thousands of students have transformed their lives, improved their grades and test scores and turned everything thing around with this course.

I’m going to let you in on a “secret” that few people realize.

Schools tell kids what to learn, but don’t show them HOW TO LEARN it.

Did you know that over 65% of students in grades 4, 8 and 12 are not scoring at proficient grade level in reading, science and math? (*NAEP, Nation’s Report Card)

This course helps your child or student become a learning super-star with exceptional brain-based learning skills.

Knowing HOW TO LEARN is the most powerful skill there is because it opens every door and suddenly students feel like this!

The core of learning success and better grades lies in giving your child a proven, step-by-step brain-based “blueprint” so they know ‘how to learn anything’ whenever they choose.

Everything inside this course is based on my background as a learning expert, reading specialist, author and trainer with over 30 years experience.

The How to Learn Anything Faster step-by-step roadmap that your student receives, is something they will use throughout their lives to achieve learning success.

Pre and post-testing results from the thousands of teachers who also took my course for academic units, and then taught it to their students, show that students raise their grades from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s!

And their test scores (even the standardized test scores) improved as well.

This means there is no more guessing when your child studies. They will know precisely what to do with this proven formula.

They learn the strategies in this course, pull out the blueprint for how to learn anything faster, and simply follow the step by step guidance for learning success.

Thankfully, once your student completes this course, they become the confident, successful learner you always wanted them to be.

For you and your family, this course means the end of homework nightmares, grounding because of bad report cards, and arguments about school…things in your home will return to the peaceful way you want it be!

And once your child or student implements the proven reading, memory, writing and learning strategies,

You’ll start seeing results the very first week!

When your child is finished with this course they will have a distinct and competitive advantage in school and the workplace.

When your child knows how to learn, they are making themselves "recession proof" so they can learn anything new very quickly and effectively, in any environment.

What the Professionals Have to Say About How to Learn Anything Faster

As the author of multiple books on accelerated learning, I’ve had the privilege of working with Pat and experiencing her work for well over 30 years. I trust Pat and her unique trainings implicitly. She does something unique and that is to empower learners by assessing the biggest predictors of their success first, before even beginning her course. Pat’s commitment to her students’ success is legendary and precisely what you want when you take her course. She’s a true thought leader in the learning community and your child or student will be very fortunate to take this course. This course will transform your child’s or student’s life in some of the most powerful ways than you can ever imagine!
Colin Rose
Colin Rose, Author, Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century
"We love Pat's work so much that we asked her to write for our Partners in Learning Program. We also sponsored one of her books and gave it away to over 5,000 teachers during a world-wide webinar we held. Our global head of Education thought so highly of Pat’s work that she contributed a chapter to the book! Thank you Pat for the transformative and unique work that you do to help every student.
High School Student
J. Baptist, Microsoft
I’ve known Pat and her extraordinary work helping learners succeed for well over 20 years. In one school, her faster learning strategies raised their math test scores to the highest in the state. Pat is a devoted and caring, and her lifes' purpose is to empower learners. This course gives learners the most significant skill of all in school and in the workplace – how to learn. Make sure you check out the results on the Learning Styles Quiz and the Eye-Q Reading Inventory, because you’ll get powerful information that you never had before to help your child. I encourage every parent and teacher to use the strategies in this course.
J. Collins Meek, Ph.D. (aka Doc Meek)Director and Educator, Learning Clinic Worldwide, Canada

What will you learn in the course?


You’ll first take the Eye-Q Reading Inventory, discover which habits slow reading down or create visual stress, and then get the reading champion skills you need to double your reading speed!


Using proven memory systems that memory champions use, you’ll be able to quickly remember all the information you need to, what you learned in a text or lecture, numbers and dates. You’ll also be able to give presentations without using notes because of your unlimited memory skills!


Have you ever wanted to double your productivity and learn how to motivate your instantly? Get ready to use focus chunking to learn more in half the time, and motivate yourself instantly.


Learn the study skills of A+ learners and how they maximize their brain power with this one simple strategy.


Writing opens doors for you both at school and at work. Using this specific formula, you’ll learn how to write a persuasive essay in half the time!


Nix the test-taking jitters and learn the 3 best high-performance skills you need to easily master any written tests


Every subject has its own vocabulary and even tests like the SAT, PSAT, GRE all have vocabulary sections. Learn the fastest way to become a virtual work wizard and open new doors in your life with your ivy league vocabulary.


There are 27 skills that underly all learning in school and in the workplace. If your time is limited and you want to speed up your results, then personal coaching with the course and the assessment is perfect for you. Get mentored by Pat personally on your schedule! Email [email protected] to apply.

Your How to Learn Anything Faster Schedule

Preparation Day and Introduction:

On this day, you’ll get warmed up and fill in a couple of questionnaires that will help speed up your learning and personalize it just to you! We’ll discover your personal learning preferences and take a look at your Eye-Q on the Inventory and see how it feels when you read and whether you’re experiencing anything that we can strengthen to ensure you learn how to learn faster.

  • Old School Myths – New School Rules
  • What’s in This for Me? Transformative Goals
  • How to Read and Remember New Information in Half the Time
  • What is My Preferred Learning Modality?
  • What is a learning modality and why is it like finding hidden gold?
  • Best Study Methods and Careers Personalized for You
  • How to Win the School’s Testing Game
  • Play the Match Game with Input, Storage and Output
  • What if There is a Mis-match Between How I Learn and How I’m Tested?
  • Do This One Thing if You’re Good in One Subject but Not Another
  • High Performance Memory – You Already Have One
  • The 4 Ways All Learning and Memory Occurs
  • Memory Champion Systems: PEGS – Remember Things in Order
  • How to Give a Presentation Without Using Notes
  • Remember Numbers and Dates with the Number Shape System
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Memory System – Roamin’ Room, Acronyms and Stories
  • How to Create an Ivy League Vocabulary
  • Second Verse, Same as the First – Tips to Learn Another Language
  • How Music Makes You Smarter
  • Skyrocket Your Study Skills with These Strategies
  • SQRP – The Study System of Champions
  • How to Write an Essay in Half the Time Without Sacrificing Quality
  • What is Your Eye-Q and Why Does it Matter?
  • Why 20/20 is Not Good Enough
  • How to Double Your Reading Speed with Excellent Comprehension
  • How to Learn Anything Faster Blueprint and System

Bonus Day 1:

How to Use Power Focus Chunking and These Strategies to Motivate Yourself Instantly

Bonus Day 2:

How to Remember Long Lists of Dates and People’s Names

Bonus Day 3:

More Surprises for You!

My son was told he had learning disabilities and Pat was not as convinced. As soon as she showed him the strategies in this course, all his grades improved, right along with his self-esteem. It’s amazing how much sharing this powerful learning system changed my son’s life, along with our entire family’s in just a couple of short weeks! God bless you Pat!
Colin Rose
Maria Lua Parent, CA
"My daughter was struggling in school and we had tried everything! Nothing worked. Then, together, we took Pat’s course and my daughter’s grades improved so quickly, she went on the honor roll and stayed there. One of the strategies literally worked overnight! Thank you so much for helping my daughter and for caring so much about her and our family.
High School Student
Debbie Lattuga, Parent, Florida
My son had reading challenges and the information in this course, quite literally changed his life in every way. Pat ensures that every learner take the Eye-Q Reading Inventory in the beginning of the course and it picks up previously unidentified challenges that make learning and reading much more difficult. But more than that, she teaches people how to quickly solve any of those issues. This information helped my son turn everything around in less than 8 weeks! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much of a difference you’ve made in all of our lives.
Kathy Smith, Parent, Michigan

You’re Protected by Pat Wyman’s Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

You are here for results and we guarantee them. For any reason, if you’re not satisfied,
you can contact our customer service team, within 30 days, and ask for a full refund.
You’ll receive it, no questions asked!

Customer Happiness Representative

Why This Course?

Pat Wyman gets results for you. As a university instructor and accelerated learning expert, she’s been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and is known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

Her course is personalized, helping every person understand their learning preferences and how brain-based skills work to learn new information faster.

Pat has a warm sense of humor and knows that learners need a caring, compassionate person in their corner who can help them thrive and achieve their full potential.

Her students love this course and it has a high completion rate, giving them a strong boost in their confidence levels and life-long learning skills.

What’s more, you have the full, unconditional money-back guarantee and Pat’s been online with her site for more than 25 years! You can always email her with any questions or comments and her clients and customers always say she’ll go the extra mile for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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